Joe Rosetta's Clams

About a million years ago Joe taught me how to make clams.  Here is the recipe in as clear a fashion as I can say.  You make these clams and you better have enough clams for everybody!  We have had several potential serious issues because the clams ran out before the crowd was satisfied.
Joe was a great guy, an Iron Worker from New Jersey.  Driving around with Joe meant that you would hear "I built that bridge, that building, that freeway"  It was always a pleasure to know somebody who actually worked on and constructed and did so much that we all use. If the bridges, buildings and freeways were not there we would have a much more difficult life.  I confess that today I tell my Grand kids the same thing.  I digress.
Here is the best clam recipe that you will ever need.  Thanks to Joe Rosetta.


Wine-- Something nice  I selected a nice Argentinean White, with a citrus feel and a good rating.  Please do not use swill to cook with, the ingredients should be all of the best quality. 
Oregano, I like Greek, but you may prefer Mexican, or if you grow your own!  Well that is a really good choice. Black Pepper and really good olive oil.  I buy mine from an importer in Santa Cruz.  This is really really good olive oil.  So good it comes in a Mason Jar!  Also a measuring cup for the wine.
Wine, oregano, black Pepper, wine

Clams, about 1.5 pounds per person, you can do about three pounds at a time with this recipe
Bowl of Clams
Equipment, a nice pan with a tight fitting lid, This is an AllClad PanĀ®.  It works for me.  Stainless steel or ceramic.  Cast iron or aluminum will react with the salt.  No Bueno.  All Clad Pan

Well there are several things that you can not have too much of.  Joe was adamant about GARLIC, there were several other items, but they go beyond the scope of this recipe.
Cut off the nasty little lends and just keep the good parts.  Garlic with cut off ends
Then cut it up into little tiny pieces.

 Garlic with knife
Then dice it like this Garlic Pieces

Then it should look like this.
Garlic with Clam
I put the clam in so you can judge the size of the garlic bits.
Now put a little olive oil in the HOT pan and add a little black pepper and oregano.  It should foam or bubble up a bit.
Oilve oil in pan

Nice you have it almost down!
Oh I forgot, go out in your garden and grab some Parsley--Organic Use a scissors to cut it up when you need to.

Ok Now lightly cook the garlic in the oregano and pepper Olive oil.
Pan with Garlic

Opps I forgot to tell You to rinse the Clams.  Rinse them a few times just before you put them in the pan with the garlic that is slightly roasted--Not Burned up!
Rinse The Clams
Ok now put the clams in the pan.
Clam in Pan

Now put in the wine, use a nice wine that you would like to drink.  It should be dry, with slight hints of citrus, and a clean flavor.  See where my finger is.
Full Bottle
Now look at the next picture, look where the vine is now, guess where the wine went?
Wrong I did not drink it, I put it in the pan with the clams!
I used the scissors and cut up some parsley and added a handful of Oregano.

Put it on the stove for about three minutes, keep the lid on, when all the clams open you are done.
I was going to show you what it looked like when it was done, but we got all excited and ate the clams before I got a picture.
Opps all gone

Clams in Wine and Garlic by Dan Napier