Dan's Eggs
This is a simple thing.  Quick and gives three eggs a life of their own.

Cream, eggs, butter, corn tortilla, salsa. Cast iron 8 inch pan and lid.
Prep time:
2 minutes
Cooking time:
5 minutes
Secret   Cook the salsa in the tortilla shreds for a minute before you put the eggs in.

Slice a few corn tortillas in thin strips.  Fry them in some butter and then put a few spoons of salsa on the tortilla strips.  Cover the pan immediately.
In the meantime, whip up up to three eggs, a few spoonfuls of cream, some tarragon, black pepper and a bit of oregano.  get this well fluffed up, use a fork and just whip it!
Dump in on the tortilla strips and cover.  leave on the heat, but turn it down.  Wait for the lid to rise a little bit and serve the eggs.  They should cook fluffed up, and actually raise the lid on the pan.  Photos will be provided soon