Free* pretty much clean** E-mail for anybody who lives in the Hill Section of Manhattan Beach.  Just send your name, address, and several choices for your email name and a password that you want to me, Guido Scognamillo at 111 N. Sepulveda Boulevard Suite 355, Manhattan Beach, CA and I will open an e-mail account for you.  Set your POP and SMTP servers to and there you go.  Please sign the agreement crafted by the legion of attorneys that we support with our active enterprises.  You promise to only use the email for honest, law abiding uses, and you will not do anything nasty or claim harm from your e-mail service.  This is not supported by anything except my personal largess.  There are no advertisements that you get with this email account, I might decide to ask for contribions or gifts of wine if this really gets out of hand, but this is a private E-mail, with no strings, hidden agenda.  Be certain to sign this agreement and send it with your request for an email address.  **All E-mail is scanned for spam and virus, but all bets are off as to the absolute freedom from spam or vires, use your own Anti Virus and spam prevention.  Try Sophos for both.

In Manhattan Beach, CA everybody has a cell Phone-- Even the three year olds!  Notice he is not driving and talking.
Child talking on Cell Phone