Well they are waffling, so It is not code yet but in fact it is the way it goes.

The City Council finally approved my plan to dedicate the lane at the curb as a special commute lane. The entire length of Sepulveda will have a special lane for high horsepower vehicles only. The far right lane is de-facto used only by people in BMW's and fast other cars. Therefore after next week any Honda's Fords or other energy efficient cars will be ticketed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look for the double line and striping that will indicate a freeway lane on the curb for those BMW,s Mercedes, Ferrari, and of course the occasional Corvette. GS Horse power to weight ratio greater than 0.3 will be required for anyone using the far right lane to pass traffic.

New residents keep complaining about things that were there before they bought their place, what's up with that? I see a lot of wasted signs posted advising people not to drive in the neighborhood, unless they live there. Well how are these people supposed to get to the beach? More importantly how are they going to leave the beach? Let's not waste any more on stupid signs that are ignored anyway. Let's give the police and fire services the money so they have better income and better equipment. You didn't see any big fires here like in San Diego and Alpine, did you? Our fire guys are really good. Same with the Police, no Jeffery Dalhmer or Saddam Hussein in Manhattan Beach, Yay Police, good work.