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All Recommendations Cancelled, most restaurants are closed some forever!  COVID-19

In Manhattan Beach--

The Kettle:

1138 Highland

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


On the corner of Highland and Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

Real American Food, The Beach as it was in say 1950. A real treat, breakfast, lunch and dinner. What can I say “ A real American Classic. If you are a visitor from far far away “do have a good time and meal at “The Kettle”


1141 Manhattan Avenue

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266             310-802-1973

A nice restaurant, good food, and large portions. The service and ambiance is the weak point. The recorded music was irritating and loud. We asked to change the volume and the music are were greeted with “Yes we do not like it either” but they did nothing about changing the volume or the noise ( Really cannot call it music, it was just irritating). It was some kind of new wave electronic buzzing and clicking. Sounded like a oven starting –for about thirty minutes.

The person who took us to the table refused to seat us where we wanted, but put us on the table at the door. There were several empty tables during our entire dining experience. Clearly staff was on a control binge and could care less what the paying customers wanted. She has a bunch of ugly tattoos– avoid her like the plague. I would recommend emailing Darren and arranging dinner with him directly. When a not full restaurant asks if we have reservations with a sneer, I usually reply, “Yes but we came anyway” tattone didn’t even get it.

Good Food, terrible staff, hideous ambience.

Near Manhattan Beach

Aimee’s Bistro  Closed forever

800 Pacific Coast Highway

Redondo Beach, CA


Very Cosmopolitan, you might think you were suddenly in one of those delightful places in Paris. Nice service, an attentive owner is always there to make certain that you have a nice meal. Romantic, sound wine list, nice menu. Not too expansive, but diverse enough to satisfy most of the crowd. Anybody who is not happy with the menu can walk across the street and get themselves a nice taco. Sit on the bus bench Gus. See the Menu

Depot in Old Torrance:

(310) 787-7501 1250 Cabrillo Ave Torrance, CA

A great place to have a nice meal in the surroundings of your friends and not your friends. This place is intimate, it is an old redline railroad depot. It is very nicely decorated and is a great place to enjoy Chef Michael's cuisine. If you are worried about the price, you have no taste, just go to In-n-Out instead. Reservations recommended. Go to the cooking class's and enjoy yourself. You get so much treats and wine at the class you will never remember the recipes, so take a hard cover notebook. But you will know how to do at least three new things, some involving wine, butter or just sinful living. GS

Christine:  Closed Forever

Torrance Hawthorne Boulevard, just around the corner from PCH “go south Young Man, Go South! Fine dining, great wine list. intimate. This is where I take friends when I want to really impress them, LA does have Great Food!! Sign up for the Classes, plan to take a cab there and home! GS

Ichirici:  Still open for Takeout

1220 Beryl Street

Redondo Beach, CA Telephone 310-376-1081

Peter Tachikawa makes this a more than wonderful experience. This is just off 190thstreet. A little difficult to find, but sooo worth the effort. They offer Sushi, classes and a great atmosphere. Order the Otoro and impress your friends, Peter usually has some around. GS

Authenticity -10 S-9


4901 E Second Street

Belmont Shore, CA 90803

562-434-9501 Fax 562-434-9090

Eclectic cuisine, Derek Venutolo does a supreme job with the kitchen. Shawn Rush will guide you to the best selections for the evening. This is a cannot miss restaurant. There is outside dining, the summer evenings in Belmont Shore make this very enjoyable. DN

Authenticity -8.5 S-9 P-4

Downtown Los Angeles


704 South Alvarado

Los Angeles, CA 90057

213-483-8050 Fax 213-483-7171 FAX

The corner of Alvarado and 7th Street. The best Deli west of at least New York . The best is a number 19 on an Onion Roll (Please do not gripe about the coleslaw in the sandwich). Anything on the menu is great, the service is definitely 1950's diner. The staff are lovely, friendly, and fast. Peerless! When ever I am in Downtown, I call in or have the office call in and order the sandwiches, stop at the “NO Parking Zone” on 7th and use the curbside service. See the Menu at the web page. The worst thing about curbside service is the drive back to the office, you can barely resist eating them all on the way! By the way the sandwich pictured on the web is a #19 on rye. It is very close to the McArthur Park Subway Station. If you want to sit down and enjoy your lunch, there is free parking just up the block on 7th Street. DN


1001 North Alameda Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Across from the train station.

Food that is an icon of Los Angeles. Plain white bread great sandwich. Go there to taste, inhale and live the LA of the past. Listen carefully you will even hear the past. MN

Paru’s Indian International  Closed Forever

2010 S St NW

Washington, DC 20009


5140 Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood, CA


4:00 -11:00 M-F 1:00 -10:00 S-S

Vegetarian Indian Food. This is a very personable restaurant. It was several years between visits, the owner remember me. Sincere and wonderful, one in DC one in Hollywood. Rely on the waitperson for help, or if you know which hand to eat with, just order away. Naan, is the best, save room for desert. This is easy to miss in California, the door looks like a home entry, just push the doorbell and walk through the patio. GS

Authenticity 10 H C b-9

The Valley

Montys Steak & Seafood
5371 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 818-716-9736 Fax 818-716-6257

Good place to meet and eat. Very American, steaks chops “you betcha” *. Do not miss it. Be a regular and ask for Mitchell Porter. Reservations suggested.

Far From Manhattan Beach

Washington, DC

Crisfield Seafood Restaurant

8012 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910


Seafood Raw Bar, broiled seafood, they have chicken and steak, but I would never know about that because the Chesapeake Bay SEAFOOD ROCKS

Clearly established in 1945, tucked in the hood, just across the tracks from downtown. The Seafood Bisque is delightful, the Crisfields Special, Lump Crab in a light cream sauce, lightly broiled. “Wow, this absolutely rocks”. The waitstaff is pleasant, you could not do better for a pleasant afternoon or evening meal. Very upscale a local neighborhood, you will need at least twenty five bucks apiece for you and your date, if you go for oysters, soup and the entree. If you want to plan for less you can do it here. The fresh oysters are more than wonderful, I was crushed because they lasted for such a short time. My date first said you can have the rest honey, then she rethought it and started counting shells! GS
Authenticity 8.5 H A

Sea Catch

1054 31st NW


Washington, DC 200007


You will miss this restaurant unless you know where it is. Walk down the stairs and across the patio. Near the Foggy Bottom Metro station, but off the beaten path. Sophisticated, you can feel the politicians and they can feel you. This has a long view of a stream. The window tables are desirable. The Wine list is good, the Crab Cakes excellent, The waitstaff-- excellent, Ask for Billy, or settle for yet another competent waiter. This place reeks of our nations capitol. Marble tables, linen table cloth, etc. This is a serious date, bring a Benjamin for you and one for your date. More for the tip. GS
Authenticity -9 S A

Marks Duck House

6184 Arlington Boulevard

Falls Church, VA 22044


The Peking Duck is always ready, and is almost grease less, pancakes scallions. Hey you have to go to Hong Kong to get even close to this food. Ma Bo Dofu– Very good. This is an authentic neighborhood restaurant that has stellar food. Do not miss it. Not formal you can easily get out of here for under 25 bucks per person including beer & desert. No table cloth, plastic chop sticks attentive waitstaff. Hun Hao! DN
Authenticity 10 H C

Legal Seafood

Locations in Boston, New York and DC

Airport food usually sucks. But not at Reagan or Logan. They have Legal Seafood, check their website HTTP:// . I don’t mind getting there early! The best lobster roll, the best wine and full bar, the best waitstaff, I could go on, but ... And you can have them ship fresh live seafood to your door.
Authenticity 10 H C

Old Ebbet’s Grill

Just Around the corner from the Willard Hotel. They keep late hours. The hours and phone are a mystery just now, but I will have them soon. This place is always filled with nice people. My bride had her Flag of Texas purse, even in the more than low light days of the waning Bush administration. We got “Howdy” from some obvious Dems. -- Fun. The food was delightful. We flew out of Baltimore so we knew the Airport Digs were awful. The Old Ebbet’s Pastrami was so good we almost, but not –ate it in the limo on the way to the airport. Hot tip, the White House Store is just down the street a few blocks. Get your Christmas Tree ornaments there after lunch or before dinner.

Authenticity 10 H C

New York, New York

The Oyster Bar, in Grand Central Station-- Closed

Oyster lovers ‘This is the PLACE” I like going to the back into the bar, it looks like it was once a Speak Easy, or one of those places only special folks were allowed. Well you are special, and the place is open for you. You can sit at the counter and watch the oysters being prepared, or sit a tables on the left as you come in, the BAR at the far right, for me it is “the place”. All the items on the menu are available in the Bar.

Vancouver, Canada


This is a must go to place, there is a related, but not the same menu next door, a little downscale, but very good. We waited and had a glass or so in the bar waiting. We found new friends and had a nice wait. You cannot get past the wait, no reservations, so have your staff go ahead and sit in the bar until you get there to minimize the wait. Anything on the menu is a hit. The entire kitchen staff can be seen from the dining room. Notice they all look like your Mom. 1480 W 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. 604-736-6664. Web Address .–No Reservations

The Hotel Vancouver

This is now a Fairmont Property, but they have retained all the charm and gracious character. Canadians keep the beautiful things they have in good repair. This was originally a Railroad Hotel, a grand palace. We let them fall apart and then go to seed, and THEN declare it a “National Monument” The Willard for example. The restaurant is beyond great, the chef is friendly and approachable, I met him on the elevator. Really struck me as a nice guy. More importantly the food. The Salads are wonderful, crisp, well prepared and not over dressed. The deserts are something of a marvel, so long since I had “Baba au Rum” but the other choices were amazing, fresh and different every day.

24 Hour Restaurants

Only the best are listed here, there are always the Chains, but here we list those places where you can get real food any time.

Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Dining Car  Gone Forever

1310 W. 6th Street

Los Angeles, CA

Steak and Seafood. This is where you can have a power breakfast. Linen table covers, silverware, fresh made Orange Juice. The hash is made from last night’s prime rib. The best leftover you will ever get. Evening meals are generous, and excellent. The wine list is compete. The menu is diverse enough, but not so diverse that it scares you. Ambiance is very LA, since 1921 folks have been enjoying themselves there, you can tell.

Authenticity 10 H C Price 9

Pantry Café

877 Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90017


They never close, open since 1924. A real ICON owned by the Past Mayor, this is a bastion of where the city eats. Get in line for a table, be in uniform (PD , FD or Military) and get a table right away. Check Details on their web site. HTTP:// .

Authenticity 10 H C Price 2

Tommy’s Burgers

2575 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles.

(213) 389-9060

The original “Gut Bomb” get in line with the hoy palloi and have a chile burger. Messy have some wet wipes handy you will need them. Just hamburgers handed out a window, there are narrow counters to stand by, but no tables to linger at and watch the Neighborhood Crack Addicts as they tramp by. Stay in your Limo.

Authenticity 10 H C

Washington DC

Kabob Palace

2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: (703) 486-3535

This is in Crystal City, 24 Hour restaurant, tucked behind the Local “Stop n Shoot”. Across the street is a Legal Seafood. See notes later. There are no linen table covers here, just great food. When you come in on the evening pre-redeye the restaurants are closed, but not this one. No wine etc, but lots of juices and soft drinks. Get some lemon slices when you pick up your food. You choose the meat portion and when they call you, you choose the vegetable portions. Every thing is great. They do take out.
Authenticity 10 H C Price 2

November 6, 2020