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What about Underground?

Boy is this an example of selfish jerks, these guys and girls would most likely stiff their Mom's.  Underground services are better, safer, cleaner, and esthetically pleasing.  But some of the guys that lost the election are now trying to use the Courts to delay the inevitable.

Some guy actually got up and said that the undergrounding of utilities would prevent his daughter from going to University if it went through.  Wow what a concept.  If he is one of about thirty kids, perhaps his kid will need the twenty grand that undergrounding will cost from what he eventually inherits from his Mom and Dad.  Otherwise the sereral million dollar windfall that he gets will not even be vaguely impacted by the moving of utilities underground.  The real fact is that the property will appreciate thanks to undergrounding anyway. 

Another red Herring--Somebody will have to move because of the undergrounding.  What a load of Poop.  "Show me the Beef"  so far nobody has had to move, and nobody will.  If you live in a neighborhood where lots cost several million, a paltry 50 grand will not even dent the old money bank.  The neighbors have already put together a fund for the truly needy.  The Guys that filed the lawsuit are not at all needy, in fact some of the people against Undergrounding are actually richer than God anyway.  They just like to call other people "Fat Cats" and do the old "poor mouth", personally I am loosing some weight, but no poor mouth from these quarters.

If you ever wanted to see a bunch of selfish, jerks see the folks who have filed the lawsuit to stop undergrounding.    Somebody suggested that if undergrounding was delayed yet again, the additional costs could be recovered from the guys who filed the frivilous lawsuit.  If that happens perhaps somebody will have to move because of undergrounding.  Otherwise it is for certain that nobody is going to have to move because of undergrounding. 

Yes we will all pay a few bucks to underground, but what the heck.  If anybody is upset about all the costs the neighbos will help.  I spoke with Anzio our chief estimator--He thinks that we will be able to connect the truly needy Manhattan Beach residents Pro Bono.  That is if we are able to do at least 50 percent of the hookups.  If you want to have us do your hookup, do not call us.  We will call you when we think that it is time to do the work.  Look for the offer you cant refuse for your customized electrical connection.  We call it the "Italian Connection" . 

The following is an opinion provided by Damm*

Just think no more poles to hit when you are on your way back from some nice dinner party.  You never heard of some dummy that hit an underground utility did you?  Some simple math.

No Underground:
Accidently hitting a power pole.
Six months in Jail or Community Service.
Massive increases in Insurance Costs, if you can get it at all.
About $16,000.00 bucks to the Utility for damaging their pole.

Accidently no pole to hit.
No harm no Foul.

See what an improvement Undergrounding is!

 *Drunks against mad mothers