Manhattan Beach Opinion


Disney Concert Hall

Wow what great sound, wow what a goofy series. With so much really beautiful music to choose from, Why, why did they play such a load of Cr*p. A recent concert was written by a self taught, writer who wrote the music to countless Japanese monster thrillers. The sound was really clear, and I personally was frightened inappropriately several times during the concert. But overall it was a less than satisfying concert. The new seats are wanting for leg room, if you are a tall person, go for the cheap benches behind the orchestra. The sound is still good, and you can at least stretch those hoppers of yours. The hall is a large skinner box and you will need to know where you want to go before you get there. The staff is arrogant, and not helpful. They are apparently Police Academy dropouts who think their job is to look severe and keep riff raff out of where ever. I found them to be less than cordial, and completely unable to offer any assistance as to where the entrances were located. During intermission they were downright rude. On a positive note the bartender's were friendly, fast and served up a storm. Go with friends as the desert portions are large and need to be shared.

Hollywood Bowl

It’s on Highland just take the 101 and you will have several opportunities to exit the freeway! From the south I take the second off ramp and park in the small lot just under the freeway. You valley people will have to figure out how to do this.

The new Bowl is unbelievable, the sound is wonderful, the fireworks are even better than before. Usually I hate change, but this is OK. Well they are f*cking it up by changing the casual ambiance. They are holding you at the gate until 6:00 so there is a very nasty run for the tables when they finally let in the hoi paloi. Where was the honor and kindness, let them come in early and sit and sip sip sip. Well I digress, the improvements in both sound vision are truly wonderful. Go you will not regret. DN

Highly recommended is the --Brasserie-- that replaced Otto's in the Dorothy Chandler. It is just across the street from the Disney. Use the valet parking to save money, and have a nice meal before or after the Concert. Reasonable food. see restaurants